Lakeland Then And Now

From a post I made on Facebook… I don’t have a problem blaming previous administrations because they basically vetoed everything Lakeland needed but was given to Arlington. I’ve often said Mark Hartz and Gerrit verschuur were the best Lakeland Commissioners that Arlington ever had. How do I know ? I fought with them and also […]

August 2017 Update

Lakeland ‘s new Middle School opened this week putting us on the road for a new high school, Beverle Rivera road opened to traffic and we are a couple of weeks away from the new interstate bridge being completed. Canada Rd from Highway 70 to the new interstate bridge will be completed. The McDonald’s interstate […]

Lakeland Middle Prep Dedication

Great article in Lakeland Currents about the school opening:   There’s a new school on the block and it’s called Lakeland Middle Preparatory School (LMPS). The second facility in the Lakeland School System (LSS) will be dedicated at 4:30 p.m. Sunday (7.30.17) with an open house to follow ribbon-cutting and dignitaries’ remarks. Dr. Ted Horrell, […]

July Update

From all the activity I’ve seen on the Canada Rd interchange this week I’m now very optimistic it will be practically completed by the time school starts. I will never get used to the fact that school now starts before Labor Day. In my day none of the schools had air conditioners so we opened […]

I40 Exit Closed

I don’t know what happened to the communications headlines Monday night (July 24) but obviously TDOT dropped the ball in alerting everyone that our bridge Ramps would be closed Monday night. I didn’t see anything on the local news last night so I would have to say someone dropped the ball which I’m sure caused […]

Lakeland Public Works

I wanted to publicly thank our Lakeland public works department for the hard work they put in to help clear roads here in Lakeland. We had quite a few roads blocked and clearing these roads allowed MLGW to restore power sooner to many in Lakeland. We have a great public works crew and they don’t […]

Lakeland Taxes Going Down

I wonder how many Lakeland residents realize their property taxes were lowered last night at the Lakeland BOC meeting. While most of the surrounding cities in Shelby County were raising taxes for one reason or another, the Lakeland BOC lowered property taxes. I just want to reassure our citizens that the BOC is a conservative […]

Lakeland Project Update

courtesy of Lakeland Currents By Emily Harrell, PE CPESC, city engineer The City of Lakeland has several large, visible projects underway such as the I-40 at Canada Road Interchange Project and the Beverle Rivera Drive/Huff N Puff Road Project. But many residents are unaware of the smaller Capital Improvement Projects our City conducts. In this […]

Improving Our City

Myself and the BOC are always looking for ways to improve our wonderful city. We proactively look for needs and we do our best to fill those needs. One of those needs was a central gathering place where we could come together as a city. The “Lamp”, our outdoor amphitheater at the IH clubhouse has […]

The Lake District

Last week there was an overflow crowd of excited citizens listened to the presentation of the plans to replace the old outlet mall with an enormous new project. This project, known as The Lake District, would bring the largest single retail and housing development ever proposed to our city. No one liked the property tax […]