Lakeland Public Works

I wanted to publicly thank our Lakeland public works department for the hard work they put in to help clear roads here in Lakeland. We had quite a few roads blocked and clearing these roads allowed MLGW to restore power sooner to many in Lakeland. We have a great public works crew and they don’t […]

Lakeland Taxes Going Down

I wonder how many Lakeland residents realize their property taxes were lowered last night at the Lakeland BOC meeting. While most of the surrounding cities in Shelby County were raising taxes for one reason or another, the Lakeland BOC lowered property taxes. I just want to reassure our citizens that the BOC is a conservative […]

Lakeland Project Update

courtesy of Lakeland Currents By Emily Harrell, PE CPESC, city engineer The City of Lakeland has several large, visible projects underway such as the I-40 at Canada Road Interchange Project and the Beverle Rivera Drive/Huff N Puff Road Project. But many residents are unaware of the smaller Capital Improvement Projects our City conducts. In this […]

Improving Our City

Myself and the BOC are always looking for ways to improve our wonderful city. We proactively look for needs and we do our best to fill those needs. One of those needs was a central gathering place where we could come together as a city. The “Lamp”, our outdoor amphitheater at the IH clubhouse has […]

The Lake District

Last week there was an overflow crowd of excited citizens listened to the presentation of the plans to replace the old outlet mall with an enormous new project. This project, known as The Lake District, would bring the largest single retail and housing development ever proposed to our city. No one liked the property tax […]

IH Stage & Concerts

We had a very good BOC meeting last week that will affect the future of Lakeland for years to come. If you haven’t seen the new entertainment stage located near the IH lake you owe it to yourself to check it out, you will certainly be impressed. The stage was built to allow concert series […]

Lakeland Ranked Number One

Our great city was recently ranked the number one city in the Memphis metro area to raise a family by From the article, here’s the criteria used to make the decision: If you love the music and food in Memphis, but aren’t so sure big city life is right for your family, the suburbs […]

Lakeland Updates

There’s a lot going around Lakeland.  One of the things many people are happy to see is the updated Landscaping of the medians on Canada Rd. and next to Sprouts.  Much sod and new trees have been planted.  There’s also new “gateway” signs that we will be putting up soon on Canada and next to […]


I’m often asked what we have done to move Lakeland forward over the last two years compared to previous boards. I will be glad to compare what the present BOC has versus any two year period from previous boards. For starters, we have wiped out all the red tape that prevented retail business from coming […]

Lakeland Commons

If you are interested in the proposed new development at Seed Tick Rd and Memphis Arlington called Lakeland Commons, I wanted to provide more information.  To see a very similar development, you can visit Ivy Walk’s website at  Ivy Walk is in Smyrna, Georgia.   Members of the Lakeland Commons development team were directly involved in […]