Lakeland Then And Now

From a post I made on Facebook…

I don’t have a problem blaming previous administrations because they basically vetoed everything Lakeland needed but was given to Arlington.
I’ve often said Mark Hartz and Gerrit verschuur were the best Lakeland Commissioners that Arlington ever had.
How do I know ? I fought with them and also the previous Mayor when I was on the BOC from 2005 to 2009 and they voted me down on every good thing Lakeland needed but went to Arlington. This is why Arlington is such a thriving city presently today.
From 2005 to the present Arlington Mayor’s have attempted to work with Lakeland Mayors on the sewer stations to the fire departments and every time have have been shot down by the Lakeland Mayor every time. How do I know? I was involved in the conversations and heard the conversations.
In 2005 when both cities were building sewer stations the mayor of Arlington called me and said Clark instead of building two ford sewer stations why don’t we go in together and build a Cadillac sewer station.
The next week Lakeland BOC voted to build their own sewer station and we once again slapped Arlington in the face. And we wonder why we don’t have a closer relationship with Arlington.??????
In 2005 Harding academy tried to move here and our Lakeland Planner ran them off with outlandish requirements. I vowed to fire him if I ever got the chance and I did when I was elected in the past election.
Lakeland Commons was turned down about the same time by the BOC and that’s when we lost Kroger that went to Arlington.
The developer sued Lakeland and he won causing Lakeland to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees.
Can you Imagine we could’ve had a Kroger on Highway 70 and we said no.
The Kroger was going to be built about a quarter mile from the Mayor’s house on seedtick road.DUH!!!
I think theses things need to be remembered so we don’t make the same type mistakes.
Did I mention when the current BOC was sworn in the Lakeland the City Attorney was told that night he was fired.
When the current BOC was sworn in that night we started fast and haven’t looked back since.
The sleepy little retirement community is gone.

My second comment from Facebook…

That is absolutely and totally correct and I appreciate you backing me up so the people of Lakeland will know the truth that they were absolutely thrown under the bus in 2005 not only only concerning taxes but the administration borrowed 20 million dollars for capital improvements that we are still paying for.
And don’t even get me started on the Mayor before Carmichael, Jim Bomprezzi who is the reason we don’t already have a High School.
That high school went to Arlington because Mayor Bomprezzi was so difficult to work with when the elementary school was built that SCH administration said they would never build another school in Lakeland.
And the sad part is Mayor Bomprezzi still has his name on the Elementary school plaque.
My postings are so all of Lakeland will know our real history and not get covered up like most of history really is.
The present administration has been trying to play catch up for the past 5 years which has been hard because CCL is the most negative force in Lakeland.
The real truth is Lakeland really won’t start reaching its true potential for at least 5 more years when the Lake District is finished and hopefully a new High School will at least be in the works.