Lakeland Taxes Going Down

I wonder how many Lakeland residents realize their property taxes were lowered last night at the Lakeland BOC meeting. While most of the surrounding cities in Shelby County were raising taxes for one reason or another, the Lakeland BOC lowered property taxes. I just want to reassure our citizens that the BOC is a conservative group and we spend a lot of time squeezing Nickels and dimes to get the most out of our tax dollars.

Maybe you will hear about it in the next few days but I doubt you will hear very much about it from CCL. I just didn’t realize this negative group that spends too much time criticizing your elected officials was such a negative group that spends a lot of time spreading lies and rumors among our citizens. I hope our citizens won’t listen to their negative comments but I plan to expose them for what they are.

Look around your city and realize what is actually going on. We are on the right track and we are going forward with a great city and great schools and property taxes that have just been lowered. I hope you won’t listed to the lies of CCL because their disgruntled leaders who were defeated in the last election are still up to their old tricks of lies and rumors.


Just keep your eyes open and see Lakeland grow stronger each day. If your children attend Lakeland grammar school, they will graduate from Lakeland High School.