Lakeland Commons

If you are interested in the proposed new development at Seed Tick Rd and Memphis Arlington called Lakeland Commons, I wanted to provide more information.  To see a very similar development, youivy-walk can visit Ivy Walk’s website at  Ivy Walk is in Smyrna, Georgia.   Members of the Lakeland Commons development team were directly involved in the Ivy Walk development and see a unique opportunity in Lakeland for a similar, paired down version.  About 1/3 the size as the Ivy Walk development in Georgia.

As provided in Ivy Walk, the proposed amendment offers a mixture of ground floor commercial spaces with mixed format residential units above as well as attached townhouses facing Old Brownsville Road and Scott’s Creek. Some of the units will be available for rent and some will be available for purchase. The architecture will be consistent with that found in Ivy Walk and in direct compliance with the City’s architectural standards.

This proposal is consistent with the Ivy Walk center. The difference only being size and scale. Ivy Walk is a more intense mixed-use center with approximately 450 total units and some buildings having up to 5 stories. Obviously, we are restricting the unit count to 150 and capping the floor heights to elevations stipulated by the LDR’s.

Rest assured, this is in no way comparable to the “conventional” apartment complexes throughout Shelby County.  Also, this development is not the development being discussed (of upscale homes and retail) around the new Lakeland Prep campus on Highway 70 and Canada Rd.

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