IH Stage & Concerts

stageWe had a very good BOC meeting last week that will affect the future of Lakeland for years to come. If you haven’t seen the new entertainment stage located near the IH lake you owe it to yourself to check it out, you will certainly be impressed. The stage was built to allow concert series on a yearly basis and we as the BOC are moving ahead to make it the outdoor premier music venue in Shelby County. From the top of the slope terracing down to the stage will allow 2 or 3 levels so everyone will have a great view. If that weren’t enough there will be LED lighting spaced through the trees and there will be parking on the gas lines close to the stage so there will be no need to park across the street at Frist Baptist Lakeland. We have also authorized the deck behind the senior rec center to be expanded with French doors opening onto the expanded deck. We will also have permanent restrooms (not porta-potties) which not many outdoor venues can claim. Along with retaining walls and landscaping and room for a food truck we have a great beginning to host summer concerts that will be entertainment for everyone in Lakeland for years to come.

So you know, the stage was built mostly with donated materials and labor. The BOC is proud of the improvements as we continue to provide Lakeland with quality improvement. Unlike the previous Administration that was tax and spend the present BOC are Fiscal conservatives that are absolutely dedicated to spending our taxpayer money wisely and with your best interests in mind. I hope our citizens never fall for the “Concerned Citizens of Lakeland” agenda which is founded on Obama like principles which hopes to divide our citizens by spreading their agenda of lies and controversy.

The IH stage project should be finished in April or May. Come out and give us your opinion.

Clark Plunk