Clark-PlunkI’m often asked what we have done to move Lakeland forward over the last two years compared to previous boards. I will be glad to compare what the present BOC has versus any two year period from previous boards.

For starters, we have wiped out all the red tape that prevented retail business from coming to Lakeland over the previous 15 years. We also welcome any retail business that fits a family atmosphere that we encourage here in Lakeland. We have also reduced the size of government by a good bit and cut our spending drastically. If you’ve ever been to a BOC work session you’ve probably seen us review every nickel spent. Sprouts has been a major success for our city and we have new residential developments that are coming very soon including Lakeland Commons, Oakwood Grove and of course the new middle school and the upscale development that will surround that property.

One of the things I’m most proud of is the work atmosphere at City Hall that welcomes the public and their ideas.