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Commissioners Meetings

During  the past election people often expressed frustration to me saying they didn’t feel they had a voice in government. I felt the same way and that’s why I ran for office. I started this website with my own funds to keep in touch with the voters. This is just a test to see if […]

canada road median clean up

SATURDAY     MAY 31 2014    COME OUT FOR THE MEDIAN CLEAN AND JOIN MAYOR WYATT , VICE MAYOR GALLICK AND THE REST OF THE  “KEEP  LAKELAND BEAUTIFUL TEAM”. For litter pick up and landscaping touch ups. Bring a friend or a neighbor. Bring your gloves and wear a hat. SNACKS  AND DRINKS PROVIDED             EIGHT AM.   TILL  TWO […]

commissioners meeting 6-16-2014

Last night we had one of the most important meeting’s of the year. We passed the 2014-2015 Lakeland budget. If you’ve never observed a budget meeting and think it might be boring, you guessed correctly. We are just a group of concerned citizens who want to make sure our money is spent wisely . I became involved years […]

commissioners meeting 6-5-2014

The first order of business was the Lakeland school budget for 2014-2015. The budget easily passed very quickly thanks to the leadership of Dr. Ted Horrell and a dedicated and focused school board.  I can only imagine  the countless number of hours required to complete the budget based on the same type effort that was […]