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The Entrance To Clubview Cove

The entrance to Clubview Cove, at Kingsridge and Davies Plantation, has taken on a new look. Check out the before and after pictures that show the entrance to Clubview Cove. Residents of the cove have planted Knockout Roses and Forever Azaleas on each side of the entrance while leaving the middle open to allow future […]

Commissioners Meetings

During  the past election people often expressed frustration to me saying they didn’t feel they had a voice in government. I felt the same way and that’s why I ran for office. I started this website with my own funds to keep in touch with the voters. This is just a test to see if […]

canada road median clean up

SATURDAY     MAY 31 2014    COME OUT FOR THE MEDIAN CLEAN AND JOIN MAYOR WYATT , VICE MAYOR GALLICK AND THE REST OF THE  “KEEP  LAKELAND BEAUTIFUL TEAM”. For litter pick up and landscaping touch ups. Bring a friend or a neighbor. Bring your gloves and wear a hat. SNACKS  AND DRINKS PROVIDED             EIGHT AM.   TILL  TWO […]

commissioners meeting 6-16-2014

Last night we had one of the most important meeting’s of the year. We passed the 2014-2015 Lakeland budget. If you’ve never observed a budget meeting and think it might be boring, you guessed correctly. We are just a group of concerned citizens who want to make sure our money is spent wisely . I became involved years […]

commissioners meeting 6-5-2014

The first order of business was the Lakeland school budget for 2014-2015. The budget easily passed very quickly thanks to the leadership of Dr. Ted Horrell and a dedicated and focused school board.  I can only imagine  the countless number of hours required to complete the budget based on the same type effort that was […]