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  • Lakeland Taxes Going Down

    I wonder how many Lakeland residents realize their property taxes were lowered last night at the Lakeland BOC meeting. While most of the surrounding cities in Shelby County were raising taxes for one reason or another, the Lakeland BOC lowered property taxes. I just want to reassure our citizens that the BOC is a conservative […]

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  • Lakeland Project Update

    courtesy of Lakeland Currents By Emily Harrell, PE CPESC, city engineer The City of Lakeland has several large, visible projects underway such as the I-40 at Canada Road Interchange Project and the Beverle Rivera Drive/Huff N Puff Road Project. But many residents are unaware of the smaller Capital Improvement Projects our City conducts. In this […]

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  • Improving Our City

    Myself and the BOC are always looking for ways to improve our wonderful city. We proactively look for needs and we do our best to fill those needs. One of those needs was a central gathering place where we could come together as a city. The “Lamp”, our outdoor amphitheater at the IH clubhouse has […]

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