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  • August 2017 Update

    Lakeland ‘s new Middle School opened this week putting us on the road for a new high school, Beverle Rivera road opened to traffic and we are a couple of weeks away from the new interstate bridge being completed. Canada Rd from Highway 70 to the new interstate bridge will be completed. The McDonald’s interstate […]

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  • Lakeland Middle Prep Dedication

    Great article in Lakeland Currents about the school opening:   There’s a new school on the block and it’s called Lakeland Middle Preparatory School (LMPS). The second facility in the Lakeland School System (LSS) will be dedicated at 4:30 p.m. Sunday (7.30.17) with an open house to follow ribbon-cutting and dignitaries’ remarks. Dr. Ted Horrell, […]

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  • July Update

    From all the activity I’ve seen on the Canada Rd interchange this week I’m now very optimistic it will be practically completed by the time school starts. I will never get used to the fact that school now starts before Labor Day. In my day none of the schools had air conditioners so we opened […]

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