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  • Improving Our City

    Myself and the BOC are always looking for ways to improve our wonderful city. We proactively look for needs and we do our best to fill those needs. One of those needs was a central gathering place where we could come together as a city. The “Lamp”, our outdoor amphitheater at the IH clubhouse has […]

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  • The Lake District

    Last week there was an overflow crowd of excited citizens listened to the presentation of the plans to replace the old outlet mall with an enormous new project. This project, known as The Lake District, would bring the largest single retail and housing development ever proposed to our city. No one liked the property tax […]

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  • IH Stage & Concerts

    We had a very good BOC meeting last week that will affect the future of Lakeland for years to come. If you haven’t seen the new entertainment stage located near the IH lake you owe it to yourself to check it out, you will certainly be impressed. The stage was built to allow concert series […]

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